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设计师: 韦金晶

Greentown · Ideal City Experience Center, Urumchi



The project is the experience center of a residential development in Urumchi, Xinjiang, the largest province in China. It is a modern interpretation of ideal urban lifestyle in west China, enjoying beautiful natural sceneries including open, undulating mountains and winding rivers and embracing a unique cultural context. The design draws on local distinctive natural and cultural elements, and the flowing light and shadows reflect the fusion of modern Oriental spirit and traditional ethnic civilization.



The openness and wide scale of the reception hall respond to local large-area setting. Metal grille-style screen collides with natural beige-hued stone materials, hence establishing a connection between artificiality and nature, modernity and tradition. The sunset-hued lighting fixture suspended above the reception counter echoes the sun hanging low for long in the sky at dusk in west China. The artistic sculpture placed on the opposite side draws inspiration from pleated silk satins blown by strong winds, showcasing the art quintessence of the Silk Road thousands of years ago. Ancient and natural elements are translated into an inclusive scene that inherits local history and culture.



The model area is enclosed by the red metal curtain above, as if long rivers and valley are covered by afterglow, showing the magnificence and beauty unique to the city. The translucent texture of the curtain produces a sense of transparency, allowing people to experience the environment and arousing their subconscious emotion and body memories. The red-themed curtain recalls the fluttering red dress and veil of a gorgeous dancer, creating a characteristic scene with a strong atmosphere. The fireworks-shaped lamps sparkle inside the curtain, adding an eternal aesthetic to the space.



The negotiation area continues open and smooth design languages. Large-area beige-colored finishes set a neutral tone for the space. Metal screens and the gold-hued ceiling with patterns are like the sunlight and shadows in the desert, which injects spectacular fluidity to the visual symbol of ecological metaphor and meanwhile interprets modern Oriental hidden power through deconstruction methods. The sense of fluidity extends to the paper-made decorative lighting fixture on the wall, which features sand dunes-like shape and texture and seems to be blown by heavy winds. Its inherent artistic energy complements the large-volume red floral art installation with Oriental characteristics, well achieving the integration of virtuality and reality.



Chairs are organized along the side of French windows, providing an open view to outdoor waterscapes, creating clearer light and shadow effects and balancing the interior desert-featured roughness, strength and aesthetics. Shadows, colors and rhythms are blended into a sequence of geometric forms, which are abstract expressions of natural objects. The kid’s play area on 1F takes children to a magic journey. The green tones symbolize local vast grassland and wilderness. The snowy-colored, lamb-textured seats and the cloud-shaped suspended lamps draws a simple, interesting picture that cattle and sheep are exposed as wind blows grass.



The space on 2F is immersed in a tranquil, sedate ambience. The blue screen and the light gray sofa endow the VIP room with a quiet touch, highlighting the subtle interaction between the physical space and senses. The embroidery work on the wall adopts elegant, abstract expressions to respond to local Yardang landform. The hue of the handmade carpet brings a sedate feeling, which breaks the stereotype of conventional colorful works made by ethnic groups. Besides, it inherits the cultural heritage of the handmade carpet birthplace through Oriental ways.




The tranquil atmosphere spreads to the reading area. The blue wall finishes and carpet match light-toned soft upholsteries and furniture, and the red metal curtain background combines with the light and shadows on the surfaces of the golden dado, together symbolizing the change of daytime, dusk and night. Objects in the space provide a subtle tactile, physical and visual experience, and the profound design languages are expressed in an implicit manner. The project leverages modern, differentiated design techniques to merge natural beauty and cultural spirit, people and nature, aiming to create a space filled with poetic scenes, life passion and colors.













Project name: Greentown · Ideal City Experience Center, Urumchi

Location: Urumchi, Xinjiang

Project type: life experience center

Area: 1,900m²

Completion time: 2021

Interior design: Nature Times Art Design Co., Ltd.

Interior decoration design: Nature Times Art Aesthetics

Chief designers: Wei Jinjing, Wei Yaocheng, Zhang Huichao

Design team: Wu Xiao, He Shifeng, Peng Yuan, Hong Haolin, Zhou Xinyi

Client’s team: Liu Yongping, Ji Wenkui

Photography: Qin Zhaoliang







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