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设计师: 朱海博


The project is located in Pidu District, Chengdu, which is an important gateway from the city center to the Qingcheng Mountain scenic area. Sited in a factory park that has been empty for years, it covers an area of about 2,500 square meters with a floor area of about 960 square meters. While reflecting the concept of sustainability, the project aims to create a dynamic three-dimensional multi-functional space with the concept of openness sharing so as to allow people inside outside the building to move communicate with each other freely.



Unified Design


ARCHIHOPE充分利用建筑、景观和室内一体化的设计条件,创造了一个一语双关的场地—Mini commercial complex:首先是作为MINI汽车的IP展厅,同时,也是一栋为车主接待中心,并为公众提供画廊、创客、咖啡、IP周边新零售等的迷你mini社交综合体。所有设计工作都必须遵循同一个核心理念,但我们并不想做一个像周遭传统工业区及生活区那样的常规板楼。

ARCHIHOPE makes full use of the unified design of architecture, landscape  interior to create a site with a double function — Mini commercial complex, which serves as both an IP showroom for MINI cars a mini social complex for the public with galleries, makers, coffee, new retail for IP merch , etc. Although all the design work must follow a core concept, we didn't want to design a conventional slab-type apartment building just like those in traditional industrial  living areas around us. 



Volume Strategy: Disalignment



The two-floor building is divided into two cuboid volumes, one of which on the second floor is rotated counterclockwise. The upper building volume is separated from the original structural frame, with the intention of turning it towards the main entrance of the whole site to present an open friendly gesture  to reshape the richness  expressiveness of the building.



Regardless of the outcome, the point of "how to do" is essentially to judge whether the phased conclusion is correct . In fact, the diversity formed in the communication critical thinking about a design is something to do with a relationship about mutual coexistence. In this way, a design concept depends on a bold language, which is both misplaced  overlapped with the real things. As a result, a new building that connects the present  portrays the future comes to life, introducing a new philosophy  reality to the framework that has been empty for years, while as a response to the current interaction mode between cities people.


ARCHIHOPE的一体化设计理念旨在利用建筑、景观、室内设计和结构共同塑造一个核心想法,传达纯粹的、鲜明的印象:不走寻常路,打破原有框架思路才能重新建立秩序,这也正吻合了John Coope传承下来的MINI这个品牌的历史魅力。

The unified design concept from ARCHIHOPE aims to use architecture, landscape, interior design  structure to create a core idea  convey a pure  distinct impression: be different break the original framework so that the order can be reestablished, which is in line with the historical charm of MINI inherited from John Coope.



Unified Identity



The linearity due to the misaligned rectangle on the plane extending to intersect with the original structural frames makes it a forceful landscape design in unified form. It seems that the building is hidden on the base, which also blurs the boundary between indoor  outdoor space.



Shape, Form, Material




The facade made of expanded aluminum sheets obscures the building's glass curtain wall on the premise of natural lighting, forms the superimposed effect of double facade a virtual  real change at the same time.

Expanded aluminum sheets  steel structural components are made of environmentally friendly materials such as aluminum  other metals. The materials are reusable, safe  secure, will not change color or rust, which will save a lot of cost at the same time.




While the overall design strives to be simple, it abandons the stacking of materials, takes sustainability as the design principle, using the original building structural beams extending expanded aluminum sheets through indoor space of the first floor. It saves a lot of cost to retain the original mottled reinforced concrete columns. The bare reinforced concrete columns, which seem to tell a story of watching vicissitudes of history lonely, have a sense of historic dignified beauty,  its direct reuse is of safety, economy, ecology aesthetic values.

The large-area glass curtain wall with a 360-degree panoramic view will greatly reduce building energy consumption the use of electrical lamps by making full use of natural daylighting, which reflects the environmental protection concept of energy conservation  emission reduction.




The design focuses on commonality openness, so the linearity of intersecting extended surfaces in the architectural landscape are also used in the shape design of the bar counter  oblique section of the staircases. The unified crisscrossing lines break the fixed relationship among functional spaces connect functional spaces with different attributes so as to create the interaction between indoor  outdoor space.

Inorganic terrazzo is used for flooring as the most natural material. Terrazzo, which is made from stone, recycled broken glass cement, is handy, cheap, environmentally friendly  pollution-free,  can help the rapid completion of the project.



Through the metallic staircases to the second floor, a livelier  more active linearity is adopted through the design of the space on the second floor, which make it a more flexible, open variable social space, but also a presence to explore the possibility of mutual activation among space, people .







建筑事务所:ARCHIHOPE朱海博建筑设计研究所(UK & SZ)





业主团队:森那美Sime Darby 集团 & BMW宝马集团


Project Information:

Project Name: Chengdu Baochuang MINI Showroom Complex

Project Location: Pidu District, Chengdu

Project Area: 2500 square meters

Architectural Firm: ARCHIHOPE(UK & SZ)

Main Design Team: Hihope Zhu, Jane Fang, Xu Chang, etc.

Deepening Design Team: He Mengjun, Gong Teng, Tan Chuanli, Zhao Qing, Dong Xin’an, Lu Kun, Lan Guojun, Lan Guoan, Feng Hongmei, Yang Jingmao, Deng Guanying, Liao Jinpeng

Main material: expanded grid of anodized aluminum plate、reflection glass curtainwall、inorganic terrazzo、wiredrawing stainless steel、white granite

Photographer: Vincent

Owner Team: Sime Darby Group & BMW Group

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