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    驿殿 Range Palace

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    设计师: 高岩
    驿殿 Range Palace说明:

    1. 革新 Innovativeness

    1.1 创新点 Innovation Points

    • 可拆卸的快速建造预制装配建筑
    • 原创性的混合结构(稳定坚固美观 )
    • 被动式节能设计

    1.2 材质 Materials

    1.3 核心技术 Core Technology

    • 全榫卯的框架实现大跨、轻质和整体吊装
    • 张拉膜结构和框架的精细连接
    • 打印铝板、竹木框架和泡沫陶瓷组合的多层外墙体

    1.1 Innovation Points

    • Detachable rapid construction of prefabricated assembly buildings
    • Original mixed structure, more stable, solid and beautiful
    • Passive energy-saving  design

    1.2 Materials
    Directional recombination of bamboo, steel truss base & casing, membrane roof structure

    1.3  Core Technology

    • The full tenon frame enables long span, lightweight, and integral lifting
    • The fine connection between tensioned membrane structure and frame
    • Multilayer exterior wall composed of printed aluminum panels, bamboo and wood frames, and foam ceramics

    2. 功能 Functionality

    2.1 应用场景 Scenarios

    2.2 定制与标准 Customization vs. Standardization

    2.3 模块定制 Module Custom

    2.1 Scenarios

    2.2 Customization vs. Standardization
    The modular structural frame forms the basic spatial skeleton, which can be used to replace different exterior wall and roof systems according to a site

    2. Module Custom

    3. 艺术 Artistry

    3.1 在地性和无地性 Site-specific vs. Site-less

    3.2 榫卯工艺 Mortise and Tenon Process

    3.3 自主创新 Independent Innovation

    3.1 Site-specific vs. Site-less
    Range Palace as a prototype product, the design can be mass production of the standard core module and can be adjusted to make changes to the optional components

    3.2 Mortise and Tenon Process

    3.3 Independent Innovation

    4. 环保 Environmental Protection

    4.1 生态环保 Ecological and Environmental Protection

    4.2 高效性能 Efficient Performance

    4.3 绿色生态的生活方式 Green and Ecological Lifestyle
    双侧Low-e钢化玻璃 + 膜结构屋顶:保证沉浸在自然中的体验 + 保温性能

    4.1 Ecological and Environmental Protection
    Residential buildings that can be quickly built and demolished in inaccessible places have zero pollution to the site during construction

    4.2 Efficient Performance
    Natural lighting and ventilation, double roof, without any cold bridge

    4.3 Green and Ecological Lifestyle
    The double-sided low-E tempered glass ensures both a Zen experience immersed in nature and, together with the membrane structure roof, superior insulation performance


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