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    设计师: 秦岳明 ( 深圳市朗联设计顾问有限公司 )








    Project Information

    Area: 674 ㎡

    Location: Nanning, Guangxi Province

    Principal designer: Ronger Kane

    Other designers: Wang Jianbin, Xiao Dan, He Jing

    Services: interior design, furnishings design, lighting design

    Main materials: wood veneer, leather, crystal chandeliers, stone




    The project is situated in the heart of the Wuxiang New District of Nanning, a historic city, which is known as the "green city" or the "water city". Targeting the elite owners circle, it aims to pursue the international lifestyle. Therefore, nature, fashion, nobility have constituted the symbols for this project.




    In the holistic space and details design, our vision is to absorb the local style and its culture with high quality, so as to reflect our guests’ pursuit of life. We regard “tree” and “water” as the keywords for the project and have them fully interpreted. We use plenty of wood in warm colors to decorate the ceiling and the walls - the concept of "tree" is embodied in rows of erected battens, which just like layers of woods are presented, bringing infinite nature to clients. The concept of "water" is demonstrated by streamlined battens in response to the change of lighting effect, forming blue waves just like bolts of satin spreading smoothly. As the focus of the space, the display area for the scale model is placed in a picturesque environment, enabling guests to associate it with the philosophy of China Resources.




    We also highlight a flavor in choosing soft decorations. First, a glittering giant crystal chandelier makes the entire space resplendent and magnificent. Secondly, the hanging pictures, pillows and flowers, all harboring the theme of mountain, water and plants, further emphasize the essence of nature. Our color scheme aims to bring out the international metropolitan fashion and splendor. Thus, we apply graceful and sophisticated grey and khaki to the whole room as basic colors, interspersed with the tranquil and elegant Prussian blue, classy red, transparent and exuberant tourmaline green as well as noble and vivid gold.

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