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    Harbin Sunac City prides itself on the new territory of Harbin Xiangfang District, radiating the city's four major business districts, large-scale community supporting commercial entertainment business, and surrounding road network access. The entire sales center is dedicated to the city's quality and living in a new life, and it is a self-contained city in the bustling city.


    The inner circle of the building, such as the mountains and the mountains, the exquisite image of the oriental culture rises. On the basis of the continuation of the architectural style, Yuqiang & Partners has weakened the sales sense of the functions of the previous exhibition halls, and interpreted the image of the fusion of Chinese and Western charms, and the beauty of design.


    The transitional front hall design is full of ancient style, but the vertical sequence stretches the space horizontally, which is a logical transition between architecture and interior.


    The high sandbox space surrounds the upper part with vertical lines, and the streamlined chandelier fills the air with a perfect proportion. The involvement of metal color has a sculptural artistic effect, which is natural and warm.


    The rich and dramatic spatial tone of the parent-child activity area also allows parents to sneak a half-day leisure. Floating in the aperture of the ceiling brings a fairy-tale sense of mystery, such as clouds, leaving a good time for parents.


    The negotiation space is divided into water bar area and scattered area. The overall design design pays attention to the rhythm of space. The classics of furniture selection are not lacking in new ideas. With natural details, we try to create the most poetic and elegant style, which makes people think about the world. Unique.


    The stairwell is a combination of marble, glass, steel and wood veneer. The sloping glass lights hang down on one side. When the stairs are spiraled up, the ears creak like a star, and the stars are a little bit beautiful.


    The landscape system of the four seasons is a combination of all things. To live with the heart of the heart, to polish every commercial value, to give the ice city residents a different artistic experience under the appearance of humanity.

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