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    Different from those common sales department in their spatial layout, this project is more practical in the future. The style of low-key and concealment is always included from the tranquility in the first floor to pleasure at the basement. In the era full of a variety of full design, this one is to create a private reception space integrated with business and leisure as well.



    Its art display is non-traditional: the breathing glass-ball droplights can invite spatial interaction from people; meanwhile, the stone wall can permeate dim lights to highlight the construction levels on the top of space, which can create a realm of fancy.



    The private conference zone adds a sense of ceremony with rectangle framework in which the spatial balance can be achieved in the axis. Meanwhile, the usage of glass-bricks that transmit natural lights into the interior space also achieves an effective expression of lights and shadows.



    The fine straight lines on the ceiling use two kinds of materials (renewable PVC wooden grain and steel plates) to express the same kind of design language, pointing geometric body, which reflects the fact that the designer stresses a kind of graceful stylish design concept in high quality.



    We live in a time of great changes. From being nothing to having abundant materials, our sense of happiness is decreased by lack of peace in our hearts. Otherwise, the sense of impetuousness and restlessness increases. To return to nature is a vow. This spiritual pursuit is the real goal of this project.


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