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    江门颐景园 新中式
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    设计师: 潘旭强 ( 深圳市尚邦装饰设计工程有限公司 )
    江门颐景园 新中式说明:







    The design concept displayed by the model house of Jiangmen Yijing Mingyuan, just like the artistic image created in the four verses, echoes the whole suburb, making it enter the artistic conception of the poem together from the design of the model house.

    In today's era when Chinese culture is popular all over the world, Chinese elements and modern materials are both ingenious and soft. Ming and Qing furniture, window lattices and cloth art bedding reflect each other, reproducing the exquisite sketches of changing scenery. Inheriting the essence of traditional Chinese household concept, the classical elements are refined and enriched, which injects a new atmosphere into the home.

    Art originates from life. Traditional Chinese interior furnishings include hanging screens, porcelain, antiques, Bogu shelves, etc. They are applied in the interior to make the overall layout symmetrical and balanced, correct and steady, so as to make the whole space elegant, simple and graceful in shape, strong and mature in color.

    Simple design is a slow-paced attitude towards life, only for the pursuit of a self-cultivation of the realm of life. In terms of decorative details, it advocates natural interest, rich in changes in outline, color and decoration, which fully reflects the spirit of traditional aesthetics.

    The bathroom adopts simple and hard straight lines, clean and neat space layout more caters to the new Chinese style pursuit of introverted, simple design style, making it more practical and more modern.

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