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    设计师: 潘旭强 ( 深圳市尚邦装饰设计工程有限公司 )


    60㎡s of small apartment is the first choice of many young people, but due to the size of the restrictions, home decoration has been many limitations. How to design a 60-square small apartment to be a large, comfortable and geographically sound house? As long as there are ideas, there will always be ways to achieve them.



    For designers, 60㎡s of space is very important to use reasonably, if properly designed, then all viscera, all kinds of both, both to achieve aesthetic needs and can get relaxed effect. In the end, 60㎡s of bedroom can be how to design it, and then look at the three sets of small green group design Shangbang model house!



    In the design of the above two double-key model houses, the modern Hong Kong style, which is famous for its simplicity, is adopted as the main tone, with comfortable and mild lighting rendering to show the unique decoration habits of modern Hong Kong style. At the same time, the two meticulously designed background walls set off each other, gathering the eyes of the whole space elements, giving a general feeling of natural simplicity, harmony and spaciousness.



    The 60㎡ empty apartment is different from the double-key apartment. It uses irregular stripes and geometric decoration. On the basis of modern simplicity, it can get the extension of innovative design ideas through special "stacking". It gives people a sense of freedom from restraint and bondage. It not only solves the constraints of small space, but also highlights the owner's personality to live. The pursuit of home.

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