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    【万有引力设计作品】Gravitation Interior Design - Landscape Culture Sanshui Sale Center in Foshan-山水文化 佛山冠军城销售中心


    将城市的人文与自然的飘逸结合.从创新的角度诠释品味与生机.融入人与自然的和谐关系.在满足各种需求的同时,营造融合富有生机的空间,是品质与精神文化层次的契合.The landscape culture sales center combines urban humanities with natural elegance. From the perspective of innovation, it interprets taste and vitality.To blend into the harmonious relationship between man and nature. While satisfying all various needs.It is a combination of quality and spiritual culture.

    项目强调大盘品质概念,大沙盘体量占满中空柱距位,气势磅礴,销售的功能性在空间是第一位。Our project from an overall point of view quality is the core value. Just like the volume of the large sand table occupies hollow pillars.It shows the functionality of sales is first in space。

    服务台采用皮雕和金属结合,主灯具淡雅温和,又颇具质感.有强烈的文化和奢华指引感.入口空间恰好的实现了展示和文化宣传的双重功能.服务台呈现雅致安静的力量.背景空间大气凝远,通达而有识鉴.对称均衡的材质细节呈现出一种开放包容的姿态.The reception desk is combined of leather and metal materials with the main lamp gently and elegantly complementing each other. The creation of the desk was guided by a sense of intensity of culture and luxury trends.The entrance area has precisely realized the dual functionality of display and cultural propaganda. Given the above, the reception desk emits feelings of elegance and knowledgeable tastes. Coupling this with symmetrical material designs, it presents the reception as open and inclusive.

    高低错落的"卷帘"与"木格栅"定格为一副绵长的中国山水长卷.运用透叠的绢丝布质感.植入抽象画山形元素,两者相互融合,意使其呈现出超脱于物质形态的山水寓.“Scroll”and “Wood Grid”are scattered along China’s landscape.Using a stack of spun silk texture into the abstract paintings of Yamagata elements ,combining both elements could accentuate the beauty of a natural landscape

    洽谈区域利用展示柜分割,既做到了空间的划分,又可通过展示柜内陈设呈现个人雅兴,体现业主品味。天花玻璃表面雕刻磨砂处理,配以灯光呈现奇幻效果.随着"山" "水" "云" 共同涌动,营造流动变换的意象空间.Negotiation area is divided by display cabinets.To achieve the division of space and through the display cabinet setting out objects to reflect the personal preference and the taste of owner.The frosted glass surface is  engraved on the surface of ceiling glass,which is accompanied by light to present fantastic effects.As the “Mountain ” “Water”and”Cloud”flow together,it creates a fluid space for image transformation



    The sub-entrance coffee bar has become a high supplement  for the negotiation place.Customers can negotiate with the aroma of coffee and relaxed pace to feel comfortable in the environment  This could be a favourite for the bourgeoisie . 


    整体项目注重软装和硬装的搭配,强调虚实关系和产品的品质感.室内设计选择了"山水城市"的概念.配合技术创新与改造,构筑了一个都市中的" 文化艺术馆"

    At the end of our overall project focuses on the combination of soft outfit and hard-packing .in order to emphasize the relationship between the actual situation and the quality of the product.The interior design has chosen the concept of “Shanghai City”.With the technological innovation and transformer to built a central of“Cultural Art Museum”in the urban city.

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